Monday, June 8, 2009

I can't believe I have been in Africa for a week now!!

Sometimes I will be sitting there looking around and still can't believe I am actually in Africa. It has been the craziest week. We had 20 hours of language lessons (so everyone who thought we had an interpreter out in the bush...that would be a no). They say that 4 hours a day for 5 days is more than enough time to learn Zerma lol. I actually feel like I know it pretty well but it should be interesting. Our language teacher is Ibro a little Africa man...he is so funny. We have so much fun in class...we ask random questions to get him off subject and keep asking him how to say really funny words in Zerma. I get yelled at a lot because I keep saying stuff in English and his rule is not to speak English after like the second day. After language everyday we have a traditional Africa meal...they are some pretty interesting dishes. We actuallu really like some of them! Yesterday we had to eat the traditional Africa way, all sharing the same bowl with our hands! It was so disgusiting...and we were sitting on the floor. hahah It was this like slimey rice and beans and onions thing with hot powder stuff. After lunch we get a nap EVERY day!! Then we have sessions...sometimes just with different missionaries and one day they brought some Muslim men in to teach us about their faith. It was really neat to hear their story. Before coming here I thought being here for a week would be such a waste...not getting out and doing ministry immediately but I was so wrong. This week has been so great I feel so much more prepared and ready to take on the bush! haha

Yesterday was my birthday! It was so much fun! I woke up and they brought me a french pastry with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to me. Then after lunch they made cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday in French. Then after dinner we went to another missionaries house (the supervisor of the Zerma team) and they had balloons and a cake! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA! I hope you had a great day!! :) love you

Today is our day of rest (after language lessons of course) we get to call home and email and take long naps to prepare for the bush life. I am kinda nervous but really excited to finally get out there...we haven't been around very many locals since we have been here! We found out our partners today...I am with Hailey so if you could please keep both of us in your prayers we will definitely need it! Also please pray for the Zerma people. They are under a lot of oppression because of their Muslim faith. Being Muslim is what they do because their parents did not necessarily because they want to. Pray that we can start breaking some of those chains and show them the lies they have been taught all their lives. Lastly please pray for my team we are all having an amazing time but it can be really hard at times. The heat is defintely getting to people and the food and just learning the language. It is really easy to get irritated here because it is not the most comfortable environment so please just pray that God will help us work through all the things that could easily bring us down. Luckily our team all gets along really great and we are very open with each whenever someone get diareha they just announce it and keep everyone informed on how they are doing.

God is teaching me and growing me so much already. All the things I thought would be such a problem like the food and the bugs and the safety have not been an issue. I eat foods I don't like...I touch dirty stuff all the time (everything in Africa is dirty) and the lizards aren't even bothering me. God has completely taken care of me and shown me how much He cares for me. Also it is now the rainy season SO the temperature dropped quite a bit. It only gets up to around 100 everyday give or take 10....I am actually learning to live in it and not even notice how hot it is.

I will be back in Niamey (the capital city) in 10 days to have an America weekend. It will be our Sabath. We get to do American things like eat the food and go swiming at the United States embassy. Also they will take us to do some African things like ride camels and pet wild girafees but we get to do it with our American friends.


  1. OMG Lauren I am sooo proud of you! I am so glad you like it and are having fun! You WOULD do that to the teacher, the poor man! And you have been trying strange food and not minding the dirt! God really has been doing something...hahaha! I think it's so funny your group shares your ummm stomach problems. haha, but it's so good you guys are more like a family and not just a bunch of strangers. Pleeease have someone take a pic of you on the camel and petting a wild giraffe! I love you soooo much and I am so glad you have this blog! Yeeeah for being in the motherland! lol


  2. I LOVE reading your blog!! I can remember thinking and feeling the same way.... It is so uncomfortable at times, but in the end SO worth every minute of it! I am lifting you and your team up. I am so proud of you and feel so blessed to have been apart of this journey with you... I know that God is using you and changing you for His glory...HOW EXCITING!!! Stay close to Him and cover those people with prayer... as you sit with them, talk with them, and fellowship with them.

    btw, I am super jealous that you get to pet giraffes and ride camels. Camels are my favorite animals in the entire world!!! Have fun and expect GREAT things. Love you sister!!!